a hopeless liberal whisper

she announces now

2 min readJul 15, 2022


image source: red and blue wallpaper photo — Free Texture Image on Unsplash

Call me a liberal.
I claim and conserve what I deserve.

Baby, I’m so materialistic.
Possession is the standard of my happiness.
What the hell selfless people say:
You can love someone without being with them

Ew, screw them.
They don’t even make sense.

I want to be with you.

Odds for us to have what we had.
Then, as you knew:
I love the odds.

Can you be selfish and greedy as well?
I’m yours, too. I’m equally your property.
I won’t share myself with anyone, but you.

I give you freedom.
Take your time as long as you want
to enjoy your own company,
or get along with your homeboys.

But one term,
I want to be exclusive.
Never share your attention to cheap bitches.

Girl, it’s not love, it’s an obsession
Then what’s wrong with that, honey?
Are you freaked out now?

It consumes you
In the flame where the woods you lit
We thought we were about to be merry, no?

Or, it’s only me who thought that so.

Such a shame,
it was meant to be my sacrifice.
The ritual you held,
the spell of the love
Led me to my own cremation.

But now it’s a resurrection time, baby.
I flirted with the devil.
He is my god now.
And he volunteers himself
doing the retaliation with me.

well, I don’t know which one is the master now.
But, please don’t mind it.

you just have to know, baby.
I plead something stupid to him.
A moron leftist (yeah, you)
can take a side with me.